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    • One complimentary gift can be received per day per ID.
    Complimentary gifts may not be issued in duplicate.
    Complimentary gifts are designed and/or put together by the brand or supplier. The customer cannot choose the design or composition of the complimentary gift.
    The complimentary gift provided (and/or criteria for its provision) may change depending on the circumstances of the brand store or HDDFS.
    Complimentary gifts are available in limited quantities. In some cases, supplies may run out early.
    Complimentary gifts are issued by order number. The purchase amounts of multiple orders cannot be combined in order to receive a complimentary gift.
    Complimentary gifts are issued based on the discount coupon-applied purchase amount.
    If a purchased item is accompanied by a complimentary gift, the latter will be sent to the pick-up location along with the purchased item.
    If a purchase that came with a complimentary gift is cancelled, the customer must return the complimentary gift.
    If a product purchased at Jeju International Airport before departure comes with a complimentary gift that includes a flammable item, the complimentary gift will not be issued.
    If your departure date is changed, you may be unable to receive the promised complimentary gift due to the expiration date of the complimentary gift..

    • The banner and pop-up for a complimentary gift may continue to be displayed even after supplies have run out.