GIVENCHY has maintained its unique style in fashion and beauty for over 60 years, allowing both men and women to pursue style and creativity.
Givenchy Fragrances will keep you forever remembered as a special person with each special scent.
Completed with a luxurious gold package, Dahlia Divin features a goddess, Very Irrésistible features a chic and mysterious woman, and Gentleman Only features a charming man.
Givenchy Le Makeup beautifully expresses you with brilliant colors and innovative textures, and the luxury of the package will make you shine even more with fashion accessories.
Le Rouge Givenchy has elaborate lips, Noir Couture has beautiful eyes, and Prisme Libre creates glowing and beautiful skin texture.
Givenchy Skincare is a state-of-the-art technology and product created to suit each skin type.
Le Soin Noir has the best premium anti-aging effect of the Algae ingredient, and Hydra Sparkling has moisturized and radiant skin.
GIVENCHY will make you a special person.

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