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Question1When can I start purchasing duty free goods?


Offline stores can be purchased 90 days before departure, and Internet duty-free shops can be purchased 60 days before departure.

*In the case of on-site delivery of domestic products by foreigners, you can purchase them 60 days before the departure date.
If your departure date has not yet been confirmed or you do not plan to leave the country, you cannot make purchases.
Please keep this in mind.

Question2How can I use M points from my Hyundai credit card

AnswerM points may be used for up to 10% of a payment of at least KRW 300,000. This is a benefit that is provided for Hyundai credit card holders only.

Question3What is the definition of “H.Point member?”

AnswerPlease refer to the following link for information about the services provided to H.Point members.
Go to use of H.Points.

Question4Can I re-register for membership after withdrawing?


Question5I can’t see one of my coupons in the “Payment” section.

AnswerAs coupons cannot be used for a product that is already applied with a discount of 30% or more or is of a certain brand, if you are purchasing such a product, your coupons will not appear in the “Payment” section.

Question6My departure date was changed. Can I change the departure date registered on my account?

AnswerYou can change your departure date by submitting a request to the 1:1 Inquiry or contacting Customer Service (02.2163-6215).

Departure date cannot be changed from 180 days after the date of initial purchase
Departure date cannot be changed from 60 days after submission of departure date change request

Question7The product I ordered appears as “Being prepared.” Will I be able to pick it up?

AnswerProducts appear as “Being prepared” until they arrive at the pick-up location.
Generally, products reach their respective pick-up location by two to three hours before the customer’s departure. If you made your purchase according to the standard procedure, you will be able to pick it up on the day of departure.

Question8My departure information has changed. How does this affect pick-up?


If your departure information has changed, you can notify Customer Service (02.2163-6215) of such change up to three days before departure to receive your purchase.

*If your departure information changed less than three days before departure, you may not be able to pick up your purchase.

Question9How do I cancel an order before picking it up?


Pre-pick-up cancellations can be done via HDDFS’ website or Customer Service (02.2163-6215).

If the order’s status is “Order completed,” it can be cancelled immediately. However, if the order’s status is “Being prepared” or “At pick-up location,” you must contact Customer Service to receive instructions on how to cancel it.

Please note that cancellations can be done only per order number. If you want to cancel only one item, you must cancel the entire order and then re-order the remaining items.

Question10Can I exchange or receive a refund for a product after I’ve picked it up?


Refunds of items received for delivery can be made within the following schedule from the date of receipt of the item.

-Offline purchase products: Within 15 days
-Online purchase products: Within 30 days

However, the following items cannot be returned or refunded.

1)Product’s value diminished significantly due to its use by the customer, passing of time, or consumption (in part or in full)
2)Product’s value diminished significantly due to the removal of the price tag, damage to the label or product itself, or absence of one or more components.

If the product looks different from how it was advertised or is defective, it can be refunded or exchanged within three months of pick-up or 30 days of the date on which the customer became (or could have become) aware of such condition.

A picked-up product cannot be exchanged in person. After canceling the purchase, you must receive the new product upon re-entering the country after having departed.

Refund or exchange of products that exceed the $800 limit may only be processed if the purchasing individual returns the product(s) to customs when re-entering the country.

If you have any inquiries, please contact Customer Service (1811-6688).