Shopping Information

What is mileage?

Mileage can be accumulated and/or used only at HDDFS Online.

Mileage accumulation

  • Mileage can be accumulated by registered members of HDDFS Online.

How to use mileage

  • The amount of usable mileage may vary by product and/or brand. Some brands may not permit the use of mileage.
  • Mileage can be used in increments of KRW 1.

Expiration of mileage

  • Mileage expires automatically once it expires.
  • Mileage expires automatically if the member withdraws his/her membership with HDDFS Online. (Mileage will be restored if he/she re-applies for membership within 90 days of withdrawal.)

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a type of discount that can be used only at HDDFS Online.

Coupon types and methods of use

  • Downloaded coupons: issued via link displayed on an event page
  • Automatically-issued coupon: provided automatically to eligible members (does not need to be downloaded)
  • Registered coupon: a coupon issued online or offline that can be used after its number is entered on My Page
  • Coupons are returned only when the entire order for which the coupon was used is cancelled. (They are not returned for partial cancellations.)
  • Only one coupon can be applied per product (or, in some cases, per order).
  • For a cancellation or return, you will be refunded an amount minus the discounted amount.
  • Coupons may not be accepted for products with a 30% discount (or higher), already discounted by a flat rate, and/or from certain product categories or brands.
  • Products that are not coupon-applicable cannot be purchased with any type of coupon (product coupon, shopping cart coupon, etc.).
  • To receive a discount, the coupon must be applied at the time of purchase.
  • All coupons have an expiration date. Coupons that have expired cannot be used.
  • Purchase amount coupons are applied proportionally to the price of the products in your shopping cart (those eligible for coupon use).

Coupon expiration

  • Expired coupons are automatically deleted from your coupon list.
  • In the event of membership withdrawal (H.Point or HDDFS Online), coupons are automatically deleted and will not be restored.

What are cash points?

Cash points are issued when a customer cancels an order to HDDFS Online in full or in part.

Cash point types and methods of use

  • Refunds are provided as cash points in any of the following cases or if the customer is unable to receive a cash refund.

    - Cancelling a small-scale mobile payment at the following month after purchase
    - No registered bank account to receive refund in the event of a cancellation of an order paid with a bankbook-free wire transfer
    - Customer cannot be contacted after he/she applied for a refund

  • Cash receipts are provided for used cash points.

How to withdraw and register Cash points

  • You can withdraw and register for cash points through My Hyundai > Cash points/gift card cash points.
  • Cash points withdrawal can be made at least in increments of KRW 1.
  • It takes 7~10 days (business day bases) to complete after applying for cash point withdrawal.

What are gift card cash points?

  • Refers to the conversion of a gift certificate into cash points that can be used only at HDDFS Online
  • Gift card cash points can be used in increments of KRW 1.
  • Only Hyundai Department Store gift certificates can be converted.

How to accrue gift card cash points

  • Gift certificates sent via registered postal mail (not a private delivery company) will, after being checked for quantity and amount, be converted into cash points.
    ( Address: Hyundai Department Store Trade Center (9F, Calculation Room), 517, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea )
  • When sending, please include a note inscribed with your name, member ID, and contact information with your gift certificate(s).
  • Gift certificates cannot be ceded to a third party. Registered mail fees must be paid by the sender.
  • It usually takes two to three business days for the gift certificate to be converted into cash points. Please mail your gift certificate at least two weeks before your departure date.
  • Once the cash point conversion is complete, cash points cannot be refunded or exchanged as gift certificates or cash.
  • Up to KRW 1 million in cash points can be accrued per day (minimum amount: KRW 5,000).
  • Cash point conversion is done between Monday and Friday (Hours: 09:00-18:00 / excluding national holidays)