Born in New York City and graduated from Parsons School of Design, handsome designer MARC JACOBS is famous for his genius designer who succeeded in transforming the 150-year-old Louis Vuitton into a younger, more lively fashion brand.
MARC JACOBS is a luxury brand, so it's expensive, but Mark Jacobs products are definitely worth it.
"Emphasizing functionality, clothing is also a means of that represents social status.
I'm going to use my own way to reveal the status behind the scenes," he says, praising his brand for its restrained sophistication and elegant image of a lovely yet sexy woman that makes him willing to pay even a few thousand dollars.
MARC JACOBS has launched its 2001 second line, "Mark by Marc Jacobs," like Prada's MIU MIU, for female customers who love his designs but can't even dream of it because of the price.