[Mileage event]
    · This event is conducted simultaneously via PC and mobile web. It can be participated in once per ID.
    · Downloaded mileage can be seen under “My Page.”
    · In the case of general Mileage, it can be downloaded once a month per ID, and can be used until the end of the month of payment. 

    · Mileage may account for up to 30% of a purchase. Limits on mileage use and/or the permitted proportion of the final paid amount may vary by brand.
    · Mileage may be used only at HDDFS Online. If you return a product purchased with mileage, the amount corresponding to the mileage amount will not be refunded.
    · Mileage that is not used during the validity period is automatically deleted.
    · This event may be subject to change or early termination depending on the company’s circumstances.
    · The pop-up and banner for an event may continue to be displayed after the event is over.