Terms and conditions & managerial guidelines

# Policy on the operation and management of video surveillance equipment
This guideline delineates for customers of Hyundai Department Store Duty Free (hereafter, “HDDFS”) the methods and purpose for the use and management of video information by HDDFS.
Article 1: Grounds and objective for the installation of video information processing equipment
According to Article 25-1 of the Personal Information Protection Act, HDDFS installs and operates video information processing equipment for the following objectives.
-To keep facilities safe and prevent fire, prevent crimes to ensure customers’ safety, and prevent the theft and/or damage of vehicles
Article 2: Status of installation of video information processing equipment
HDDFS has installed and operates the following items of video information processing equipment.
Branch No. of installed devices Place installed/scope of filming
Trade Center 403 Stores, office space, storage room, various indoor/outdoor areas
Dongdaemun 538 Stores, office space, storage room, various indoor/outdoor areas
Incheon International Airport 19 Stores, rear facilities (e.g. delivery room)
Integrated Distribution Center 328 Storage room, various indoor/outdoor areas
※ The number of installed devices may change, within the scope of the installation objective, depending on the relocation of the place of installation, construction of a new space, or making of environmental improvements to an existing place of installation.
Article 3: Filming time, storage duration, storage location, and processing method for video information
HDDFS films and safely stores personal information in video format as follows.
Branch Hours filmed Duration of storage Storage location
Trade Center 24 30 days from date filmed Safety Room
Dongdaemun 24 30 days from date filmed Safety Room
Incheon International Airport 24 30 days from date filmed Safety Room
Integrated Distribution Center 24 30 days from date filmed Safety Room
※ Processing method: Records on requests related to video-format personal information are kept (e.g. use for reason other than purpose of collection, disclosure to third party, disposal, viewing). Once the required storage duration expires, all video-format personal information is disposed of in such a way that the information cannot be restored. (Information that is printed out on paper is shredded or incinerated).
Article 4: Chief officer and access authority personnel
To protect and process complaints related to customers’ video-format personal information, HDDFS has designated the following chief officers and access authority employees.
Branch Affiliation Contact information
Trade Center Chief officer Branch manager +82-2-2142-6350
Access authority Sales employee +82-2-2142-6372
Dongdaemun Chief officer Branch manager +82-2-3668-2222
Access authority Sales employee +82-2-3668-2240
Incheon International Airport Chief officer Branch manager +82-32-743-8401
Access authority Sales employee +82-32-743-8403
Integrated Distribution Center Chief officer Head of distribution +82-2-2142-6450
Access authority Employee of distribution division +82-2-2142-6460
Article 5: Consignment of installation and management, etc., of video information processing equipment
Branch Contractor Contact information
Trade Center S-TEC System +82-2-2142-6112
Dongdaemun +82-2-3668-2299
Incheon International Airport +82-32-743-8430
Integrated Distribution Center +82-2-2142-6474
Article 6: Method and venue for confirming video-format personal information
If a customer needs to refer to one’s video-format personal information, he or she can do so in the following way.
1. Method: Make in-person visit to store after contacting the access authority personnel in advance and with the following documents
2. Venue: Relevant division of the branch at which one wishes to view video-format personal information
※ Documents to submit for confirmation of video-format personal information
Type Required documents
Private individual Individual Legal ID, request to view video-format personal information (form provided by HDDFS)
Proxy Legal ID of individual and representative, power of attorney, representative’s personal seal, request to view video-format personal information (form provided by HDDFS)
Public institution (court, investigative authority) Copy of government employee ID (front and back), warrant or official request for cooperation in an investigative effort (official request must bear seal of institutional head)
Article 7: Measures for requests (e.g. viewing of video information)
If a customer wishes to view, confirm the existence of, or delete video-format personal information, he or she can make such request to the access authority employee at any time.
Viewing is limited to video-format personal information 1) in which the customer appears and 2) that is deemed to be unavoidably necessary for urgent life-related, physical health-related, or asset-related profit of the data agent.
If a customer requests the viewing, confirmation of the existence of, or deletion of video-format personal information, HDDFS will immediately take the necessary measures to comply with such request.
HDDFS may refuse, in the following exceptional cases, to comply with a request to view, confirm the existence of, or delete video-format personal information. In this case, the customer will be notified of such refusal in writing within 10 days of his or her request.
1. Video-format personal information has been destroyed because it expired
2. Significant concern exists about possibility of privacy/rights infringement of another individual by HDDFS complying with such request
3. Fair reason exists for HDDFS to refuse to comply with the customer’s request (to view, etc.)
Article 8: Measures for securing the safety of video information
Video-format personal information processed by HDDFS is managed safely according to HDDFS’ guidelines on the processing of personal information.
HDDFS enforces graded restriction of access to personal information as a means of supervising the protection of video-format personal information and uses various technologies to ensure the safe transmission and storage of video-format personal information. To prevent the falsification of video-format personal information, HDDFS keeps a record of the date/time that video-format personal information is produced and, in the event of its viewing, the purpose of such viewing, name of the viewer(s), and date/time of viewing. Physical mediums of video-format personal information (e.g. paper print-out) are safely stored in a facility secured with a lock.
Article 9: Notification of changes to Policy on the Operation and Management of Video Information Processing Equipment
If an addition, deletion, or change is made to the content of this policy based on a legal enactment or amendment, change in government policy, or change in HDDFS’ internal policy or security technologies, the customer will be notified of the reason for and content of such change through HDDFS’ website.
- Date enacted: August 24, 2018 / Date of most recent amendment: October 23, 2020
  • Collection of personal information

    HDDFS collects only the minimum amount of personal information required for the given task!

    • 1. What is “personal information”?
      “Personal information” refers to any information that identifies you. Examples include name, date of birth, phone number, and email address.
    • 2. What items of personal information does HDDFS collect?
      Upon membership registration, the applicant’s name, date of birth, passport number, gender, email address, and other items of information are collected to confirm his/her identity. For duty free purchases, the only information collected is that required by Korea’s Customs Act and necessary to undertake the purchase contract (e.g. passport number, departure information, payment details, etc.).
    • 3. Is personal information collected for HDDFS events?
      Personal information is collected for events hosted by HDDFS Online or for social media for customers who were informed of and consented to the items of personal information to be collected.
    • 4. How is personal information collected?
      Before personal information is collected, an announcement is made of the items of information for which consent will be received. Personal information is collected after the customer has expressed his/her consent by checking the “I consent” box or submitting his/her signature.
  • Use of personal information

    HDDFS uses personal information only for the purposes consented to by the customer!

    • 1. How is personal information used?
      The personal information of HDDFS members is used for customer management purposes (e.g. identity confirmation, customer consultation) and to enable the provision/management of services. For duty free purchases, personal information is used for identity confirmation and to maintain compliance with relevant laws.
    • 2. Are for-profit advertisements sent to registered members in the form of text messages or emails?
      For-profit advertisements are sent only to members who consented to receiving marketing-related information. HDDFS does not send for-profit advertisements without the customer’s consent. Even if the customer has consented, such information is sent according to a detailed set of guidelines (e.g. including the word “Advertisement” in the email’s title).
    • 3. Is personal information used indiscriminately?
      To ensure the protection of customers’ personal information, HDDFS has implemented a number of technical and supervisory measures, including: provision of employee training, conducting of regular self-administered audits, drawing up of in-house management plans, encryption of personal information, creation of hacking policy, restriction of access (offline and online), and storage of access records.
  • Disclosure of personal information

    HDDFS provides personal information to consigned third parties only after obtaining customers’ consent!

    • 1. When is personal information disclosed?
      To provide high-quality services to our customers, HDDFS consigns some tasks to third parties (business consignment). Personal information may also be disclosed to utilize the services of HDDFS' partners. Please note that personal information is consigned only after obtaining the consent of the customer!
    • 2. What does “business consignment” mean?
      For example, HDDFS consigns the tasks involved in customer consultation (responding to customers’ requests or inquiries) and product sales to external contractors. When consigning such tasks, HDDFS does its best to protect customers’ personal information through such means as regular checks of whether the contractor is abiding by relevant laws and training for the contractor’s employees.
    • 3. What does “disclosure to a third party” mean?
      For example, personal information may be disclosed to provide H.Point services, including point accrual and use. Of course, all disclosure is done only after obtaining the customer’s consent! If, however, such disclosure is for a purpose that is required by law, personal information may be disclosed to a third party without the customer’s consent.
  • Deletion of personal information

    HDDFS deletes customers’ personal information, when deemed necessary, promptly and in a secure manner!

    • 1. When is personal information deleted?
      HDDFS promptly deletes personal information when: 1) the customer withdraws his/her membership or 2) the retention period to which the customer consented regarding the storage and use of his/her personal information has ended. If, however, the customer has a purchase record, his/her personal information is stored separately for the period of time that is required by Korean law.
    • 2. What is a dormant member?
      If a customer does not log in to HDDFS’ website for a certain period of time (one year or three years), his/her personal information is stored separately. In this case, his/her personal information is not used at all!
    • 3. How is personal information deleted?
      Personal information that is saved on a computer in electronic format is deleted in such a manner that such information cannot be restored. Personal information in paper format is incinerated or shred very finely so that it is illegible.
  • Guarantee of rights

    HDDFS does its utmost to guarantee the rights of the customer regarding personal information!

    • 1. What does it mean to “guarantee the rights of the customer”?
      HDDFS does its best to adequately guarantee the customer’s rights. Whenever the customer requests the editing, deletion, or granting of permission to view one’s personal information, HDDFS complies with such request in a timely manner (after completing the relevant confirmation procedure).
    • 2. How can I edit my personal information or withdraw membership?
      Please refer to the following regarding the editing of personal information or withdrawal of membership via our website or mobile app!
      • Computer (website): Click the person-shaped icon (My Hyundai) at the upper right after logging in → Follow the downward arrow next to “Cash points/gift card cash points” at the lower right of the order details box → Click “Basic Information Management” at the lower left → Enter password → Edit personal information (or withdraw membership)
      • Mobile app: Click the person-shaped icon at the lower right after logging in → Click the upside-down triangle next to “Orders” at the top of the screen → Go to “Basic Information Management” (fourth from bottom) → Enter password → Edit personal information (or withdraw membership)

※ For more information on how HDDFS handles personal information, feel free to read the “ Personal Information Processing Guideline ” (link can be found at the bottom of HDDFS’ website)!
Go to HDDFS’ Personal Information Processing Guideline >