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1Mileage / couponsQuestionIn what order is mileage used/applied?

ReplyMileage provided by an event(s) is applied first from the customer’s total of currently-usable mileage. Afterward, mileage is applied in descending order of validity period.

2Mileage / couponsQuestionAre there brands that don’t accept coupons?

ReplySome brands, according to their respective policies, do not accept coupons.
Coupons are also not permitted for products purchased under a time sale, discounted at 30% or higher, with a flat price, in certain product categories (electronics), or from some brands.

If a coupon can be used for a product, a coupon-shaped icon will appear in the upper left-hand corner.

If multiple products are purchased at once, coupon eligibility will be determined according to the total value of coupon-applicable products.

3Mileage / couponsQuestionCan I withdraw mileage in cash?

ReplyMileage cannot be refunded in cash. If you cancel a purchase, any mileage used for that purchase will be returned to you as mileage. (Only mileage that was valid at the time of use will be restored.)

4Mileage / couponsQuestionThe maximum amount of mileage I’m eligible to use is different today from what it was yesterday. Why?

ReplyThe maximum amount of mileage a customer can use is determined after the day’s exchange rate is applied to the product’s price.

Depending on the policy of HDDFS Online or the respective brand, the proportion of a purchase amount that can be paid using mileage may vary. Some brands do not permit the use of mileage.

5Mileage / couponsQuestionCan I use two downloaded coupons at the same time?

ReplyOnly one coupon can be used per order or per product. (There is no limit on coupon use in the event of multiple orders.)

6Mileage / couponsQuestionI can’t see one of my coupons in the “Payment” section.

ReplyAs coupons cannot be used for a product that is already applied with a discount of 30% or more or is of a certain brand, if you are purchasing such a product, your coupons will not appear in the “Payment” section.

7Mileage / couponsQuestionCan I use a coupon and mileage simultaneously?

ReplyYes. Please note that coupons cannot be used for a product that is already applied with a discount of 30% or more (after having applied mileage) or for certain brands.

8Mileage / couponsQuestionWhere should I go to download coupons?

ReplyCoupons that can be used for a purchase will be automatically made visible in the “Payment” section. Coupons that need to be downloaded can be downloaded from the respective event’s page.

9Mileage / couponsQuestionWhat is “immediately-usable mileage?”

ReplyAs the name suggests, immediately-usable mileage can be used for the purchase being made. If you do not wish to use mileage immediately, you can save it for later use.

10Mileage / couponsQuestionIs mileage accrued even if I purchase from an offline HDDFS store?

ReplyMileage is not issued for offline purchases.

Mileage is operated solely by HDDFS Online.

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